9 May 2013

Post 3) The little church on the Butts

     St Augustine The Less, as pictured below, was new in 1480 and stood on the bluff jutting out from College Green towards the Frome, know as The Butts, which is a medieval term for archery range. Its three stage tower was 60 feet to the leads with a 22 foot stair turret ontop. It was slightly damaged by fire in WW2, closed in 1956 and inexcusably demolished in 1962. The present annex to the Royal Hotel of 1865 on the spot came in 1985/6.

Model made using photo-match technology and from the 1880s 1:500 ordnance survey

A photo is aligned with X and Y axis which automatically creates the horizon line, then tracing the edges of the building turns it into 3D faces. Textures are then projected onto the 3D faces automatically

Parallel projection shows the textures burnt onto the model from the angle of the original photographer's viewpoint which can be over riden with your own textures. The north and east sides were creamy Dundry ashlar; the other two sides being Brandon Hill Grit and Pennant Limestone. 

Quick Render with hard shadows

Work is required to model the trefoil tower parapet and window tracery. The rubble stone church was clad in creamy ashlar and presumably robbed of this outer layer in most places, except the entrance parapet and stair turret. There are three nice watercolours in the Braikenridge collection in its former glory. This will require photo texturing and weathering. The churchyard facing College Green was cut back for the tram lines in the 1870s and again in 1894, when the east part sat on the hill was also heavily chewed away for the current watershed dock complex.

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