30 November 2013

Post 16) Housekeeping

Project Progress

No blog posts since July, but I have been maintaining the flavour of the project with relevant finds posted on facebook, see links bar above

Have been as busy as ever 

Taking  a lot of time with collating and organising nearly 4 years worth of pdfs, photos, maps, plans and watercolours that had got very very out of hand and messy on 2 drives and numerous USB fobs!!

Creating photo real textures in adobe, or buying them from turbosquid and CGtextures

Scanning square on building photos from Reece Winstone books for accurate ”quick wins”

Grouping all evidence by street

Further digital Map and contour tracing

Screen dumping Britain From Above evidence
Screen dumping and re-stitching sections of zoomed in auction catalogue watercolours

Scanning Walter Ison elevation drawings from the Georgian Buildings of Bristol

Further photo recon trips to Redcliffe, Clifton, Cliftonwood and the Old City including specific visits to Goldney Gardens, Royal Fort, Red Lodge and 2 river trips

Finding loads more 18th and 19th century Bristol digital pdf guidebook, topographical book and history book scans in mainly north American sponsored online archives.

Practising and learning further sketchup 3d modelling techniques and time saving and organisational tips.

Discovering dozens of relevant surviving (pre 1830) building elevation drawing pdfs on the Bristol City Council planning applications portal

Doing gradient plans of key city streets to drape the traced map layers over

Actual modelling work, mostly map alignment and elevation drawing alignment  including selected buildings in King Street, Redcliffe Hill, St Nicholas church,
Back of Bridge Street, St Werburghs Church, St Stephens church, The Pithay, Union Street, River Frome , the Cathedral and Clifton St Andrews.

Also Cornwallis Crescent, Elle Bridge Island group at the Narrow Weir watering place and St Peters Church / Hospital area as per the 3 renders below.

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