25 July 2013

Post 12) The High Cross roads from the roof of the Dutch House (Castle Bank)

This is the 1823 view, (work in progress) from the flat roof of the Dutch House, 45 feet above the High Street, Wine Street, Broad Street and Corn Street crossroads, showing the second Council house of 1704. It had a frontage of 55 feet along Corn Street and 30 feet on the Broad Street return and 47 feet high.

Behind is a “holding model” for St Ewens, with its 73 foot tower. The Council house was angled back from Corn Street, just like the present old (third) Council House of 1828, as it was parallel and butting onto the nave of St Ewens, which was perpendicular to Broad Street.

 Walter Ison's 1950 drawing is here shown, half traced then details are being projected onto the box and then fleshed out. Additional information comes from the 1742 All Saints Parish plan, the watercolours of Edward Cashin, Hugh O'Neill (2) and James Johnson along with the 1795 and 1823 building plans.


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